The Sharayera Basement


We had our unfinished basement built out by Maple Craft. Gary, the owner, was the only contractor out of around 6 we consulted with, who actually followed up with us when he said he would. That was the first positive. There were many more: he quoted us the lowest base price which included materials to be used and permit and inspection costs; he started exactly on the date that was proposed at the time we agreed on; he or his assistant Shelley were at the house every day of construction to make sure things were running smoothly; the workmanship was fantastic as we were able to watch the process from framing to final touches. All contractors who entered the house were very professional and highly respectful. Gary even ordered a port-a-John for them to utilize while at the home. Gary and Shelley answered every question we had and made any changes we requested. They made any kind of minor repairs or touch ups necessary in a very timely manner. It was an excellent experience with Maple Craft and we couldn’t be more satisfied. We will be contacting Maple Craft in the future for upcoming projects in our home. We have already recommended them to all of our friends and acquaintances in the Columbus area. This is a top notch company.

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