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Sometimes a door just won’t work

When a regular door will not work, it might be time to explore a pocket door.  Pocket doors often get a bad reputation, but this is generally attributed to poor installation, not an inherent problem with pocket doors.   Imagine, no door swing in your way, but tucked neatly inside a wall.


Pocket Door Hardware from Johnson Hardware is designed to offer maximum space saving characteristics for a multitude of applications. Pocket Doors are particularly well suited for dining rooms, master bathrooms, wardrobes, kitchens or anywhere  floor space is at a premium. The use of a pocket door will free up previously unusable wall and floor space with a clean and modern appearance.


For the ultimate in convenience you may want to take your pocket door to the next level and have it wired to be automatic like the doors on the Star Trek Enterprise.  Check out this video to see how it can be done.


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